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Over millennia, nature has found ways to balance energy through the symbiosis of light, sound and gravity. Only in the most recent time have we begun to understand the true power of these incredible forces. We are beginning to use it in the form of solar energy, hydroelectric power stations or energy turbines driven by the tides.
Sound travels through concrete, metal and our own bodies every second of the day.
20 years of extensive research enabled the creation of devices which have the ability to embed sound geometry into the very molecules of everyday objects. Such treated objects then emit this subtle energy in what we believe to be a healing and beneficial way, even years afterwards. We cannot yet measure this slow release, but we have seen the benefits these objects can give.
Structured water enables plants to grow healthier, structured discs and bangles have pain-relieving properties, and creams treated in this way are more easily absorbed by the body.
We call this Vitality.
The only way to try it is to test it for yourself.
Vitality BANGLE
Vitality Bangle can be worn day and night. Over time the soothing effects will become evident. Most people who use these objects come to appreciate their health benefits.
  • Elegant and simple
  • Causes a calming effect on the wearer
  • Highest grade jewelry class anti-allergenic stainless steel
Can be easily sized to fit most wrists
An elegant drawstring purse
Laser-engraved with amazing GCC Vitality logo
Vitality disc
Place the Vitality Disc under a glass of water or simply leave it in a jug you use for watering, or just place it next to your favorite plant - see for yourself if there is any difference over time. You may also realize your favorite drinks taste better treated this way.
  • Vitaity Disc has liquid-structuring properties
  • Jewelry-grade stainless steel 316L with high polish
  • Highly portable – take it with you anywhere
Laser-engraved with amazing GCC Vitality logo
An elegant drawstring purse
Use it also as a make-up mirror
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